You can become one of our heroes and empower the next generation of emerging artists, global citizens, and critical scholars by investing in their futures today.

EST. 2018

Help Us Bridge The Gap

Each year at Dillard Center for the Arts we try to bridge the gap that is the difference between what it costs to provide a comprehensive arts/academic education per student and what we receive per student from the district.

DCA is tuition free, but donation dependent.  While funds raised benefit every arts department through funding guest artists & equipment, they also go towards, capital improvements, and technology upgrades. 

Ways To Give

We have a variety of different ways that you gift, your investment, not matter how large or small can make a tremendous difference in helping us bridge that gap. 

We would like all parents, community friends and patrons to understand that their participation is essential in order to offer the high-level arts and academic programming that makes DCA successful.

See how you can give today!